3 Benefits of an International Yoga Studio Training Accreditation Program

3 August 2021
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog


While course focus, materials and yogic schools influence the yoga studio training accreditation program you join, these aren't the only considerations to make at this stage. Some programs have UK accreditation while others are recognised in other countries around the world.

Why should you consider joining a program with international accreditation?

1. Keep Your Work Options Open

If you only ever intend to run a yoga studio in the UK, then a UK-accredited program will suit you. However, your accreditation might only be valid in this country. If you move to another country and want to open a studio or teach yoga, then you might not have the credentials you need to get started.

If you sign up with an internationally recognised program, then you get transferable accreditation. You can work in different countries under the same network. However, do make sure that the program is recognised by UK yoga bodies as well as international ones.

2. Avoid Doubling Up on Training Costs

If you are initially accepted by a UK yoga accreditation program, then you might expect to have one set of general training costs. You might pay for advanced training later, but your bulk costs will come early on.

If you then move abroad and want to join a program in your new country, then you might have to go through the whole application and training process again with a different organisation. You might need to retake accredited training in the country. You'll have to cover your accreditation costs again.

If your yoga accreditation program has international recognition, then you shouldn't have to pay twice. If the country you move to recognises the program, you might simply have to apply to join that national network.

3. Appeal to More Students

While UK yoga students might recognise UK-based training accreditation programs, these programs might not be that well known outside the country. People who move to the UK from other countries might gravitate to the international names they already recognise rather than coming to you for training.

If you join an internationally accredited yoga training program, then you also attract international students. You won't lose as many potential students to other studios.

To find out more about domestic and international accreditation, talk to some yoga studio training accreditation program providers. They can explain the benefits of joining their networks and help you make an informed choice on which program to choose.